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Terrified of IV sedation



Junior member
Nov 7, 2021
Everett, WA
Almost 3 years ago, I had my bottom right wisdom tooth and the molar next to it pulled, the oral surgeon recommended I do IV sedation. I went ahead with it even though I was terrified leading up to it, and when I was in the chair I was shaking uncontrollably. Not a huge fan of anesthesia, apparently. Everything went completely fine, though.

Now, I'm getting me other 3 wisdom teeth out on Monday before I get Invisalign, and once again they've basically said they do IV sedation and I wasn't presented with any other options. Whatever. Even though it went smoothly last time, I find myself extremely nervous again about the sedation. I'm convinced I'll have a heart attack or some other medical event, or I won't be able to wake up, or something terrible like that. I know (at least I hope) I'll be monitored the whole time, but I just hope everything goes okay. Can't stop thinking about all the possible complications of the surgery and recovery.
@jordan22 Would it be worth asking not to have the sedation? I told my dentist no to sedation for my wisdom teeth extraction and he said fine even though that was not what he recommended, and it turned out it was no big deal to have the teeth pulled with local only.