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Terrified of losing my tooth



Junior member
Aug 9, 2015
This seems like such a small issue with what anyone and everyone could be dealing with right now, but my anxiety is driving me crazy. Last summer I spiraled out of control with anxiety and depression and only in the last few months started to feel normal again. I have always had horrible anxiety about my teeth. Virtually no one in my immediate family has their teeth. I found out at my last cleaning that I had several cavities-one of them being on the back of my front left tooth-when I say front tooth, I mean VERY front tooth. When I went in for my cleaning this time, I had the fillings completed. Everything seemed okay afterwards, and even after the numbness wore off that day. The following day, I developed a toothache (I didn't have one prior to the filling) with a dull throbbing sensation in that front tooth. I went back on Wednesday (2 days after) and the doctor said everything looked fine. Still on Friday, I was painful so I went back again and saw a different doctor. He said that I was applying a lot of force to the tooth and filed the back of my front tooth that was filled down (I could not tolerate him filing my front bottom teeth that were hitting). Friday night I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up the entire left side of my face felt congested and I had a horrible ear ache. I went to urgent care Saturday and was diagnosed with an ear and sinus infection that the doctor is concerned could be related to this filling. I'm going to try and get in at a completely different office tomorrow for a true second opinion but my anxiety is killing me. I haven't eaten or really slept in several days and can't stop thinking about my tooth being too thin from the filing down he did or losing the tooth all together. All I do is lay on the couch and cry. Everyone is trying to comfort me by saying that fake teeth and crowns look very realistic now and I shouldn't be worried, but I don't want to lose my teeth. Does this sound like it's going to require a root canal? I don't have any increased sensitivity to hot or cold and it does not hurt to bite. There are no obvious abscesses in my mouth.
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I am hoping by now that you have been seen and have some answers, sorry we couldn't manage to get back to you sooner. We are here now and would like to know how you got on :butterfly: