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Terrified of nerve damage risk



Junior member
Aug 5, 2019
This x-ray is a few months old. The top wisdom teeth are gone and healed already. It went great which I'm very very thankful for. Anyway, I left the bottom ones at the time because I knew they'd be more difficult, and was told as much. They're both unerupted and the left side one I was cautioned is touching the nerve, which scared me. However, they're always causing me pain and I can't take it anymore, its painful in my mouth ear and neck at times and it's draining to deal with. Since they won't let up I've scheduled to have them out in a couple weeks.... I'm 36 so I'm expecting a longer recovery. Based on my x-ray how likely is nerve damage? :cry:
It's impossible to say from that kind of x-ray. you need to have this discussion with the treating dentist.
Thanks for the reply, I did ask the surgeon before and he said he thinks he can avoid the nerve and if not he'd leave a bit of root in. I guess I'll just hope for the best. They can't stay in anymore anyway.
Good luck! Please let us know how it goes!
Both of my bottom ones looked like your left one. For my right one, the oral surgeon ended up leaving some root. It’s been there about 11 years and it’s been totally fine.

Good luck!!
Good luck with your surgery. My bottom wisdom teeth are like yours (except reversed). The one on the left was removed, it was laying horizontal and no nerve damage (I was 27 at the time). The right one has been left alone for now because it is still covered with bone. My dentist wanted me to follow up with the surgeon 5 years later and no surgery was recommended the second time. However, the surgeon went over that I would have the same options you mentioned. To remove the whole tooth or leave the roots there.
Quick update: Everything went well, there was no nerve damage, no dry socket, and really minimal swelling. I was very sore for the first week but I was expecting that and used time off to recover.

Soooo happy to not have any more wisdom teeth. Wish I had done it 15 years ago. :thumbsup!:
Great to hear it went well Trollteeth and glad to hear it sounds like smooth healing too!