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Terrified of upcoming filling



Junior member
Nov 25, 2023
First time here, hopefully this will help!

I have my first ever filling coming up and I’m freaking out. For the procedure itself, but also the numbing. Is it possible to have a filling done without it? It’s a shallow cavity still just in the enamel. I’m not afraid of the needle - no issues with that. I’m terrified of adverse reactions to the Lidocaine. Recently I’ve had reactions to several medications that I’ve never had issues with in the past including things as harmless as Ibuprofen. And I have PTSD (I’m not joking) from a reaction I had while in the hospital with preeclampsia - rapid response had to be called, I’m literally sitting here crying and shaking while typing it out lol.

I have an appointment schedule with my therapist prior to the filling but I’m still having a really hard time. Any help or advice at all is appreciated.
Perhaps you might find a natural remedy to help you with anxiety? Have you had issues with novocain before? Maybe you could discuss laughing gas with your dentist too - as another option? Sure hope you can find something to help. 🙂