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Terrified of upcoming root canal



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Jan 25, 2018
Hi all, I have a root canal scheduled for early next week and am really frightened about it, having heard a number of horror stories in the past about how painful the procedure is.

I’ve had a big filling in one of my bottom molars for years. It’s come out a number of times and each time the dentist has redone it. I had a big metal filling in it which stayed for ages and then addition small white filling on top of it on the corner. Recently I had the white one redone after it fell out but a few weeks later after stupidly eating a chewy chocolate , it came out, bringing with it the entire metal filling. This left me with about a third of the tooth left, the rest pretty much a dark flat piece of tooth and gum.

This didn’t hurt, it was slightly sensitive to heat and cold but nothing major. Anyway after visiting my dentist he told me that they wouldn’t be able to do another filling - he’d tried numerous times and it would just keep coming out. He said I needed a root canal followed by a crown otherwise the decay would get worse and I’d end up getting an abscess. He didn’t do any X-rays or anything.

Had a panic attack when he told me I needed a root canal and cried driving home. I’m terrified of it hurting so any help would be so appreciated.
I had one done a month or so ago and it wasn't hurting to begin with but it didn't hurt at all. They numb you up. I still got to get the crown put on it in a month or so. Mine was my eye tooth. It feels odd like I can tell I had something done with it but it didn't hurt then or now. What my dentist told me cause i felt the same way - he said those that wait till they are in major pain and then get a rc your body doesn't take the numbing stuff cause it has an infection. Those that don't have an infection normally don't have an issue. I found this to be true for me. HTH
I’ve had 4 root canals and 1 retreatment. None of them were painful. If you are properly numbed, you should not have pain during a root canal.
I have had two root canals and neither one of them hurt at all. Just make sure you’re numb and speak up if you do feel anything so the dentist can make you comfortable. You can do it!
I had two done yesterday and was terrified. Did not feel a single thing!
Thanks for all your posts! This is really reassuring that the consensus is that it doesn’t hurt. Thank you
root canals sound very scary but they aren't I've had two and they were both painless and easy. I actually closed my eyes and RELAXED during a part of them. Yes you read that right, relaxed at the dentist. Sounds crazy right?? You will be numb and won't feel a thing.
I had mine redone in 2016. the 90 minutes went by pretty quickly, in fact it only took 80 minutes, my dentist gave me a pad cushion
Hey all, had my first root canal session yesterday. Was super anxious about it and had a bit of a panic attack at the dentist before hand but I’m pleased to say it was absolutely fine! After all the numbing, I didn’t feel a thing!
I had my root canal 3 weeks ago. I was in much pain because I have untreated periapical abscess under the tooth and it hurt since New Year, I barely managed to survive until my dentist visit at January 6th. I was terrified but I knew I had to do it and let me assure you - it DOES NOT hurt. I mean, I was in pain during the procedure but it was the same pain I came in with, and over the whole visit, when the canals were getting cleaned and abscess drained, I felt a huge relief, it gradually stopped hurting, and when it was done, it didn't hurt anymore. I had my earphones in, also my dentist has a TV on the ceiling so yeah, it was a really enjoyable, painless experience for me. I basically overcame my dental fobia on that one appointment. Fingers crossed for you!