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Terrified - Wisdom teeth and possible 2nd molars removal



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Jun 26, 2023

sorry for the long story in advance! I have come across this website trying to help with my fear of getting teeth removed. It just dawned on me this morning my appointment is only a week away and I am starting to panic.

About two months ago I had my
initial meetup with the oral surgeon (NHS) to whom I was referred to by my dentist after being told now is the time to get my wisdom teeth removed at age 34.

When I was first told he mentioned my bottom wisdom teeth are compromising my second molars, and to put it bluntly said I will probably need these removed too. After being told this i completely freaked out and almost collapsed in the office…it seemed so extreme to go from being told for years my wisdom teeth are coming in bad and will one day need removed to basically you need all these teeth removed plus extras for good measure!!

On to the pre check up at hospital where they further examined the X-rays, they obviously agreed the bottom wisdoms needs removed (great), then also casually mentioned we be as well to remove the top wisdoms (which aren’t causing an issue) - ‘just a quick pull!’

Then hoping they would ignore the second molars she finally brought up that these may need removed also given how the bottom wisdom teeth are causing decay at the back of the 2nd molar and that my dentist could find it hard to fill in this cavity…but this can be clarified when removing the wisdom tooth!!! It was all left in the air at the time and I couldn’t wait to leave…

Roll on couple months and here I am a week away from my first appointment (two have been scheduled a month apart) up at midnight worried sick about what the hell im in for! I’m reading if you have 2nd molars removed you will require implants, your top molars will cause issues…it goes on.

Can anyone give advice or help my worries in any way? Has anyone had your 2nd molars removed also? Really worried and the gaping hole this would leave and the fact I don’t actually know my fate a week away….
@Soapstar what your dentist and surgeon have planned for is to make sure you're as healthy as possible. If things have changed rapidly and your second molars are now borderline restorable they'll be concerned about their prognosis.

Also with lower third molars gone the uppers have nothing to chew against and are likely to over erupt which could cause issues. That's often why they would take the uppers too.

About the second molars. Remember it's your mouth and if you absolutely don't want them extracted just now then that's up to you. They wouldn't suggest that option though unless absolutely necessary and often it's deep decay where the third molars have interacted with them. If it makes you more comfortable and reassured then ask again on the day for them to confirm why they are unrestorable before they are extracted on the day too if that turns out to be necessary.

Implants are not an absolute requirement. See what suits you after. We can have a good bite with 10 functional pairs of teeth between the upper and lower. So unless you're missing other teeth you should be fine and it'll be personal preference. Possibly to stop upper over eruption you could look to a partial denture (maybe flexible if comfier) to do the job if implants aren't for you.

Some level of anxiety is normal in this kind of situation as it's unknown to you. Reassure yourself you are in good hands. You can do this. Perhaps find a way to relax at night just before bed, possibly a body scan or a sleep cast?? And allow your body the rest it needs.

Good luck with your treatments.

Take care

@Jodie Nelson hi thank you getting back so quickly much appreciated.

Regarding the wisdoms I don’t really have an issue with this, it seems quite a common thing to get done as reading in here. Still worried about the aftermath though and being able to no have a panic attack during it!

The second molars is my biggest gripe, I just want to clarify I am in NO pain what so ever. I’ve been told for years and years I need my wisdoms removed but had no pain, just the occasional irritation when I think food gets trapped in the gum where the wisdom is coming through, this irritation lasts around a day or two then nothing. Can happen 3 times a year on average…

If I had pain I would of just had to suck it up and let me do their thing, but with nothing wrong in my day to day life with my teeth and being told to get rid of extra teeth is freaking me out, I feel like I’m just being used as a practise subject for their students (university dentistry)..
@Soapstar It is possible that they're just prepping you for the eventuality that they see something clinically when wisdoms removed. It could also be that they have seen something for certain on your x-rays.

Just to be more informed why don't you get them to show you your X-ray and point out any shadowing on the second molars and why, potentially, it isn't restorable as that will help you to see what's happening to your tooth tissue.

If you're concerned anxiety wise some places offer different sedation options which is worth asking about if it's something that you think you'd like?

Most importantly I am really glad you're not in pain just now. Fingers crossed all gets sorted before any more wisdom flare ups can occur.

Hope this helps.

If they're growing in normally, upper wisdom teeth are a breeze. I only ever had 1 upper, and it came out in 2 mins. It looked weird. Was so much smaller than all my other molars. The dentist said it's very common for the upper wisdoms to be smaller. The roots are more likely to also be fused together, which also means some are like extracting a single rooted tooth. I'm coming up for 48, and it is so, so much better getting these teeth out the younger you are as your jaw tends to be less dense. More so for lowers. I had a lower out around 5 years ago, and even though it was fully erupted, it was a hassle to come out. But got told that was probably down to my age.
Thought I would come back on here and give an update...

So I managed to get myself to the hospital (nervous obviously!)...sat in chair, dentist explained what was going to happen etc then proceeded to do 4 injections. Didn't flinch a muscle, yes you feel it but not sore at all.

Wait a few minutes and left side of my face was very numb, then they proceeded to remove the left lower wisdom tooth. I thought right here we go just hang in there, big push, pull, crack followed by 'thats the first one out'..OK that took around 30 seconds. Followed by the top which I admit was a little harder (i was told these were easiest!), a little discomfort but no pain. It was all over in around 4-5 minutes I couldn't believe it.

Now on to the recovery.

Day 1 - Yes your face is numb (used iced packs every half hour or so), when numbing subsided had some soup, and other soft items such as yoghurt etc rest of day. Taste in mouth is pretty gross from dried blood etc. Taking paracetamol / ibuprofen
Day 2 - Can finally rinse mouth with salt water to get rid of blood taste, feels much better. No swelling, cant open mouth too easily but enough to eat. Continue paracetamol / ibuprofen
Days 3-5 - Keep rinsing my mouth regularly, probably being too cautious not to eat on that side of my mouth but can pretty much eat proper food again. Notice a a dull throbbing coming from bottom.
Day 6 - Woke up on day 6 very achy on lower extraction area, had to pop some pills to reduce pain.

Now on day 7 and this pain is continuing on and off now, its like a dull ache (can be sharp occasionally). Notice it can be sore in the morning, not sure if that due to drugs wearing off or i have read if you grind your teeth (which i believe i do) when sleeping can irritate your molar next to extraction site (2nd molar).

My biggest worry now is this 2nd molar is causing the issue due to the decay from the wisdom tooth that was remove from behind it. The dentist at hospital did mention I may experience some tooth ache as its exposed now. I have appointment with my own dentist tomorrow to check up, I fear he will just say the 2nd molar needs to be removed now! Surely now the wisdom is gone they can get into this molar to repair?

My appointment for my next wisdom teeth to get removed is in 2 weeks and now tempted to delay this until this pain is resolved or subsides as I dont want this on both sides. I REALLY dont want to loose my 2nd molars as this means replacements and all sorts...Im only 34 and would like to keep as much teeth as possible!
@Soapstar so glad everything has gone well. That's great news. Let us know how your trip to the dentist goes tomorrow. Hopefully it is a straightforward restoration now there is access. You've also go the right outlook. Keep your own teeth as long as you can if they're restorable and just great oral hygiene and habits to prevent issues going forward. Fingers crossed all goes well both tomorrow and in a fortnight 😊
@Soapstar hello! I wondered how you got on in the end with your second molars?