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Junior member
Feb 4, 2023
Hi everyone
Just looking for support, iv got mu first dentist appointment in 15 years on the 14th March and I definitely need some work done I'm well prepared for that. Iv already told the dentist I'm scared. I have a real phobia of the dentist due to past dental trauma. I'm terrified and extremely anxious. Has anyone any advice or coping strategies thanks everyone in advance 😊
Good luck!

No matter the outcome of March 14 (I’m sure it will go great), you are already a success, today, because of how far you’ve already come.

Keep us posted!
@Glittering Good for you to get this done! I didn't see a dentist for 19 years so I know how tough it is to go back after a long while. I'm impressed you proactively chose to go too, I was forced by an emergency to finally go, so wasn't as brave as you are being. If you haven't already, I suggest you scroll down to the bottom of this page and check out the links there "Common Fears" and "What Can Help", I found both of these extremely useful. My personal suggestions are to arrive early, bring a support person if you can, I like to bring my partner, and practice some ways to calm down in the waiting room and the dentists room in advance, two I like for that are box breathing and the 54321 coping technique. Good for you and good luck!
Thank you so much for your reply. Its definitely a hard decision but I know it has to be done xx