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Junior member
Feb 13, 2023
Hi everyone..this is my first post..I have an appointment today to have the lower left quarter of my teeth extracted. I will be having all of my teeth extracted due to a calcium deficiency I had while pregnant with my daughter 18yrs ago. I was so scared of dental treatment that I just allowed my teeth to rot away. I now only have around 10 teeth still standing which are also decayed. The rest are impacted roots or are right down to practically nothing! My fear is the sensation after the jag to numb the area,especially on the bottom. It makes me feel like I can't breathe and I am so so so scared to go today!! Actually sitting in tears, I know I need to have this done. I am having impressions done today also as I will be having upper and lower dentures fitted.
Have you shared this with your dentist? On many cases it is possible to avoid numbing the tongue and the floor of the mouth, depends on the dentist’s anesthesia equipment and skills.
How did it go?
This a real phobia of mine too, I'll never forget that sensation of a lower numbing and I was terrified I'd swallow my tongue. Then work on an upper tooth where even my eye was numb and watering for hours. It's ghastly.
But recently I had treatment where the dentist didn't even offer an injection, I was too scared to say anything and that was honestly worse.