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Junior member
Oct 9, 2023
I have partial dentures and now one of my own front teeth has become really really loose and has dropped.
I'm terrified the mould will pull it out. What would or could the dentist do if this happened because the immiediate partial takes weeks.
Some vaseline on the tooth before taking the impression can help, but honestly, I've taken thousands of impressions and never once have I managed to remove a tooth doing one. It's not that simple unfortunately!
Thank you for replying, at the moment though even though I've tried repeatedly to get a nhs or private dentist in the UK ive had no luck. So I think very shortly the tooth will come out anyway. I'm still going to end up waiting weeks for new partials. I have a vocal disorder which makes it very difficult to get a sentence out and with a lost tooth I'm going to stand no chance whatsoever.