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The big day: Braces tomorrow! Need support!! :'(



Junior member
Feb 18, 2014
Hi guys. I had posted 2 topics, the first being the molds for braces, second being the spacers for braces, and this one being the third, the braces. I am super scared, having tomorrow being the actual, BIG DAY. I'm super scared. I need some support guys, really scared about the procedure. At my last appointment, the ortho said I would be getting my tops on next Thursday (tomorrow), and after about 2 months, I would be getting my bottoms. Something about making space, I don't know. So it's good it is two different appointments correct? It means less time in that cursed office. :)

The appointment is scheduled to be one hour.

I had some questions I would like answered if you will. :)

How far back to the metal bands go? Do they go back to the very last molar, because my very last molar is like against my gum, and I don't think there is any space for one in the very back. They put spacers on my SECOND to last molars. Surrounded them, on either side. My other question, is on my VERY LAST molar, it is pretty screwed up, it is twisted very much and I was wondering HOW they would straighten it out. It doesn't bother ME too much, but I was wondering how they would straighten it? I hope I don't get the bands in the very back, due to it seeming like it would hurt alot. I also wanted to know how long the actual time to put braces on? My mom told me it would be one hour, but I had some doubts about it taking up that whole time block. I wanted to know how the procedure would go the minute I walk into the building.

My ortho seems pretty cool. :) I know all orthos have different ways of putting braces on.

I really want to know what they do, I know all orthos are different. Please just share your experience with me! :)
It takes about an hour. The band for mine went on my first molar