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The New Normal

My dental appointment last week and pre-book apppointment, screening questions on phone

Day before my dental appointment 24 hours phone call going through questions again

Had to wear a mask in dental practice, use the soap, could take my mask off in the dental room, I held on to my glasses, the dentist and her assistant know I worry a lot, and I asked whether it was okay to pass the tissue back to the assitant

I wore the usually googles/glasses, dentist wore PPE, was given a full hand scale, dental could repair a bit of my filling which I chipped I was unware I done this, but this is a root canal tooth. was allowed a rinse with whatever the practice uses , a polish was allowed

I went private this time. but had to use my bank card chip and pin, prescription for my toothpaste was given to me
Just to offer another experience, I went today to get impressions for a replacement mouthguard after chomping through mine during lockdown. My dentist called me last week and scheduled the appointment for today. I am an NHS patient in a mixed surgery. I think they are prioritising NHS patients and not doing private or cosmetic work just now.

This morning I had a text at 8am asking me not to come if I had Covid symptoms.

At 9.30 reception rang me and went through a list of questions, and told me how things would run at the surgery.

I had my temperature taken on arrival, wore a mask, and had to use hand sanitiser. My dentist was in her normal scrubs, an apron, mask, and visor. Her long hair was in a complicated arrangement up on her head, where it usually is just in a regular pony-tail, I assume for infection control. She did a kind of “off the record checkup” because I had said on the phone I was concerned I had missed mine in April. All fine, although she couldn’t use the scoosher thing.

Impressions as normal, but I wasn’t allowed to rinse my mouth afterwards. She dabbed me down and cleaned me up with a tissue - the impressions gunk was purple!

I had to then put my mask back on, and use sanitiser again. The surgery doors were locked and a nurse let me in and out.

I have to go back next week for a fit appointment.

The dentist told me they were routinely doing extractions, impressions/dentures, and simple repairs like temporary fillings. They are seeing patients face to face with pain, but are still referring some to the hub. (She did say she was being fit-tested for the special mask next week, so perhaps they will be able to do more treatments after that?)

What was a bit of a pain was the receptionist asked me to wait in my car, ring the surgery, and leave my bag/coat in the car. I actually don’t have a car. My friend ran me there today and waited for me, but next week I will go in a taxi or on the bus. It was lashing rain today so I wouldn’t have been able to have no jacket/umbrella, and I would have had a bag with me too.

I felt really nervous going - I was scared I would fail the temperature test! - but it was absolutely fine. My friend goes to the same surgery and had to take her daughter in with toothache last week. She said it reminded her on going in out of hours for an emergency slot.
Wow @Judythecat thanks for this.. It is interesting and good to know your dentist is fully
taking all precautions and so careful with things! It would make me feel safe after such an appt knowing they were doing all that. even though it is more of a hassle for both patient and dentist . Hope your fitting appt goes well!