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The pain/discomfort changes every day



Mar 23, 2024
My most recent visit to the dentist (end of March) revealed that I have shadow beneath my ll7 that I am told indicates an abscess. I was given the option of an extraction or RCT. After a lot of deliberation and asking a range of questions of my dentist, I have opted for RCT, and have an appointment in two weeks' time.

However my teeth are acting really strangely. Some days I have no pain in the lower left at all, and then on other days, pain is present but not always seeming to come from ll7. I also have an issue with ul7, which the dentist says has a poor prognosis (although I'm not sure how poor that is).

Is there a reason why the pain / non pain experience might be so random? on the non pain days I think I should just cancel the appointment for the RCT. Also, if I have the RCT, but the equivalent top tooth needs to come out, will that mean the RCT is pointless as it will need to be removed as well owing to super-eruption? I am worried to the point of not sleeping that I have made the wrong decision to go for RCT, but I can't face having the extraction, which feels to be a far more extreme (if less expensive) option.
The abscess is a process of ongoing warfare between your body's immune system and the bacteria in the root canals in your lower molar. Sometimes you win, sometimes a more aggressive bacteria moves in and they get the upper hand for a bit. It'll ebb and flow a bit.

I assume you still have your upper first molar? LL7 occludes partly onto that so you won't get super-eruption.
Hi Gordon

Thank you so much (again) for taking the time to respond to my query. I do currently had a full set, other than my upper left wisdom tooth, so although I'm still scared about the decision I've made, it is reassuring to know that the loss of UL7 won't render the time and cost of the RCT totally redundant.
Have you had UL8 removed? It might well be lying waiting to erupt when you lose the 7 and make a bit of room for it... that'd be nice :)
Yes, I had UL8 removed last month, and although I was told I would get used to it, it just feels weird having nothing there now
That's annoying, it would've been a nice bonus to grow your own replacement :)