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The Point



Junior member
Oct 13, 2006
Hello, reader.
I've been coming on here since around the summer, and as such I've had the opportunity to look around and read posts. There's a good variety here, from administrators who have overcome their fears and now selflessly devote free time to helping others who are as they once were, and phobics, such as myself, who are still struggling with the big problems in their mouth, and even bigger ones in their mind. Among the phobics there are people with seemingly minor issues (I should be so lucky as to fear wisdom teeth extraction... I'm fearing total mouth extraction!) and souls who are wrestling with big problems like crumbling teeth, infections, and bigger demons, like those poor people that were abused and face higher mountains and bumpier roads than most anyone.

I've noticed among some people that they seem to reach something like a "point". We all have different points in different aspects of life. Some married people reach a point where they know their relationship cannot continue. Some employees reach a point where they march up to their boss and tell him to take this job and fill it. A lot of us on here, however, reach a dental point. When the pain goes from barely noticable to barely tolerable. When something falls out that should have stayed in. In my case, when you spit red, and not clear. There are points all around.

Points can sometimes be our friend. We might have met points earlier. That first cavity. That first discoloration. But we chose to ignore those, forcing the point to retire and bring in a new, stronger point.

My point now is that we should be more aware of our own points. We shouldn't wait until the original sends in his steroid-addled great-grandson, as that point usually only shows up with promises of vast expense and vast discomfort. I can look back on my personal history and gather any amount of times that I could have, and should have seen a specialist. But I waited. Thought maybe, unlike every other problem in the history of the planet, it would sort itself out. It won't. It doesn't. My girlfriend suggested I go when she came into town, and I begged off. I learned my lesson hard when not even a day after she flew back I was hit with a monster pain, and not two weeks after that I saw red anger in my eyes at the red stains in my sink.

It didn't sort itself out. It didn't go away. The only solution that will work is my will. And the only thing that will work for you all...us all... is our will. Our self-reliance and strength. Knowledge that, somewhere, in England, Georgia, France, and everywhere in between there are people struggling just like you. And people praying for you. And rooting for you.

It's not an easy road, but indeed, we weren't guaranteed an easy trip. Ask the soldiers in Iraq. Or the paraplegics waking up in the hospital. We're all here on planet Earth, suffering all. But the alternative to that? An eternally long dirt nap. And what's the fun in that? There's ice cream to be tried, Simpsons to be watched and Halloween costumes to be made.
Listen to your point. Let's all continue to support each other, through good dentists and triumphs and bad dentists and dusting ourselves off. I want to see a world where every single person on this site has something to smile about.


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Mar 23, 2006
In My Dental Happy Place
That's a lovely sentiment....I hope it went well for you today as I said in the other thread.
Don't be so hard on yourself, it must be something in men's genes which means in general they tend to avoid medical doctors for as long as possible....whereas women are more likely to rush along at the first symptom.....maybe that's why women live longer!

Even if you didn't make it in today after all....I think you will eventually get there as you seem to have found the right dentist.


Junior member
Jan 5, 2007
Perfectly stated!! I couldnt have said it better my self! I so understand...its scary! :)