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The real Measurement of Success



May 15, 2013
Today I realized I disappeared from this forum. For the first time in over a year, I feel truly great in my mouth.

No intermittent twinges etc. No jolts biting into things etc. Had a TON of fillings replaced last year and finally got ALL the bad ones out, and everything fully calmed down. It's like having 28 perfectly healthy teeth that feel like they did when I was in high-school.

Word's cannot describe it to no longer even have think about my teeth aside from routine brushing. All it took was four (4) visits and persistence. A total of four (4) teeth were operated upon, and thankfully the end result is that all is well finally.
Congrats and well done NETWizz! :welldone:. Sounds like you managed to overcome your fear together with any dental issues and I see how it feels great! Thanks for sharing your success story!
:welldone::jump::perfect: So great to hear Netwizz! You have certainly been diligent in this and its paid off!! Very happy you can now rest a bit from dental work :)