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The risk of nerve damage with implants



Junior member
Sep 15, 2022
I have just had three implants placed 5 days ago. Under sedation thank heavens. But what I find really scary is that my dentist asked me to sign a form that I understood the risk of an implant penetrating the nerve. I seem to be all right, though I have had a lot of pain on days 3,4,and 5, post op.
My dentist uses 3-D scanning and makes a surgical guide to assist in implantation. But I have to ask... what are the chances of a nerve perforation? And what would be the result if that were to happen?
Close to zero, but there's always a small chance that something untoward will happen. Result would depend on what nerve bundle was penetrated and how badly. Worst case would be permanent loss of sensation in the area, like you had had a local anaesthetic that never wore off.
Thank you for that. I'm on day 6 now and the pain is lessening.
I'm having a horrible experience. I fear that the dentist who did my implants is a butcher. After a week the pain began rising every day. By ten days I was taking Naproxen and Tramadol. I went back and he said, 'I'm not going to do an X-Ray because it might damage the healing.' Then he injected me with local anaesthetic and removed the centre implant of three.
I'm not as bad as I was but still in trouble.
I rang my previous dentist and asked him, if an XRay causes damage. No, he said.
"Should my jaw still be pulsing all the time?" Part of the healing process, he said. The second dentist said that shouldn't be happening. So now I think the implant dentist has been lying to me.
I decided to get a second opinion. So I went to the 3-D imaging lab and had another cone-beam CT scan. I'll be seeing the 2nd dentist next Tuesday.
In the meantime... I put the imaging on my PC and my wife (a qualified but non-practicing dentist) and I took a look.
"What is this hole in my jaw?" - That's where the nerve bundle goes through said my wife.
We can see the implant site (#19) ends right next to it.
Not only that but the implant (#20) has been put in at an angle and the end of the screw seems to be in contact with the root of #21, a natural tooth, no root canal.
If any dentists would like to comment I'm all ears.