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The Time Has Come (The Kadota Files)



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Feb 6, 2023
I’m 29, and it’s been about 12 years since I’ve been to the dentist. I’ve always had some issues with my teeth, but around the time I was 17 I went to college and during my four years there battled severe depression. I ceased taking care of myself, went hard on soda, sugary stuff, basically everything a dentist would ever tell you to avoid, all the while doing next to nothing to care for my teeth.
After college, I slowly got myself together and came out of the depression over the course of a couple more years, but by this point the damage was done.
Long story short, all four of my wisdom teeth are cracked and decayed, two of my molars as well, and other teeth have varying issues. I was living very paycheck to paycheck for years and never had the money to get anything done, even if I could overcome the heart- pounding, tear-filled anxiety that comes when I even think the word dentist.
Today, I may not be in a great financial position, but I am about to head to my first appointment in years, thanks in large part to the caring push my wife has given me. I am working to overcome the shame and anger I have with myself over my current dental state, but the anxiety and constant worry over my teeth has cost me so much more that the price tag will be to fix it over the past decade.
Ironically, I will be going to the same dentist I went to as a kid with dental issues. Part of me has a crippling fear of judgement, like I’m disappointing my parents who payed for my care as a kid, and the dentist who worked hard on everything. It’s something that has kept me away from the dentist for so long. Today, we overcome it.
I don’t know how often I’ll post about this to be honest. Mostly, this is to relieve me of the tension of hiding this secret (as of now, my wife is the only person who knows my current dental state). My hope is I can get whatever care is needed within a reasonable budget. I’m prepared to go in there and have him tell me every tooth has to come out. I fear the shame, but I need to do this, whatever the outcome.
This got rambley. Blame it on the nerves probably 😂

Let us know how it goes.
@Kadota Good for you for moving forward! I hope you'll keep us posted.
Had the appointment yesterday! Could not have asked for a better dentist and staff. He is a gem and was completely understanding about my anxiety. Once he got in there he said it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be, and it was mostly fixable. In the end, I do have to have my wisdom teeth out, along with one molar on the right bottom. It’s been a problem for me for a while so not too upset on that. The other cracked molar is up in the air as to whether it’s fixable or not, but he said he’s gonna do whatever he can to fix it if possible. Other than that, it’s a few cavities that need to be filled and a good cleaning and I’ll be back to good dental health, minus a molar or two. Thankfully where they are coming out of won’t affect my chewing too much and I won’t have to replace them if I don’t want to yet (or, in reality, can’t afford to).
All in all, not as bad as I was prepared for. I get to keep my current smile, just with less anxiety. I told him I would be so consistent with cleanings after this he can set his calendar by my arrival.
Next step will be the extractions under sedation. I’ll admit I’m nervous about the potential allergic reaction stuff I’ve seen before, and I don’t love being under and not in control. Anyone who has been under for something like this, how does it feel? How long until you’re back in control?
Anyone who has been under for something like this, how does it feel? How long until you’re back in control?
1. For me, being under felt fine.

2. After I got home, and took a little nap, probably an hour or two.
Tomorrow I have my consultation with the oral surgeon! I hate how long of a drive it is to the office but I’m hoping it goes smoothly and I can get the extraction appointment set up as soon as possible! Still have a lot of fears and anxieties but also so ready for these broken teeth to be out of my head!
Consultation went well, and they had a next day appointment for the extractions so I’ll be getting it done in the morning! Terrified and not looking forward at all to recovery, so any advice is welcome!!
@Kadota I'm here to empathize. I get both of my lower right molars removed tomorrow. Definitely not looking forward to it. The extractions themselves are really in the oral surgeon's hands, so my best advice is for afterwards. Be sure not to slurp or use suction when you eat or drink afterwards to avoid dry socket. Taking a little ibuprofen helps with pain and swelling, too.

I'm so glad you're dealing with things now. I ended up with a severe dental phobia and avoidance as a result of PTSD. I'm 52 and started losing teeth when I was 39. After these two come out, I will have lost 8 teeth, including 6 molars. It's time for a lower partial denture for me. I am only now gathering enough courage to try to face this and have this be the year that I get my dental health in order and try not to lose anymore. Facing all of this now before you lose a lot is the best thing you can do for yourself. I hope you let us know how tomorrow goes.
Fresh out of the operation, surgeon said everything went great! I defijitely remember small elements of the operation, but it felt more like a dream or something than a conscious understanding. Really simple, quick and easy. Will update as everything wears off and the true recovery starts. Going without and narcotics so ibuprofen and Tylenol shall hopefully be my saviors
So looks like my top left clot came out and I’m panicking and won’t be able to call my surgeon until the morning
Turns out it was just a massive jelly clot, and that everything is still fine up there and the foam and clot appear to be holding as it is not bleeding more after removing the clot. I was not told that was a thing haha
24 hours in, pain is probably a 3/10. Just feels like a headache. Ibuprofen and Tylenol regimen has been doing its thing, and the wounds look pretty good considering! Little to now bleeding, starting to heal slowly. Very tired of protein shakes and yogurt haha.
Day 3, pain was the worst this morning. Very achey and sore jaw and head. First day I can really feel the soreness and inflammation in the extraction sites. First night of decent sleep though which is wonderful. It’s weird not knowing what these wounds should look like now, but I thiiink they look like they are healing. Overall not the worst experience. Less painful that the infection I’ve had prior
A question for anyone out there: what is it like eating with a missing molar? I had the bottoms front one on the right side out, and there’s a chance I’ll have to have the top front on the left side out of my dentist can’t save it. I can’t afford implants or a bridge. Is eating difficult? Does it ever feel normal?