The tooth that wouldn't go numb has finally gone!!



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Dec 4, 2015
Hi, just thought I'd post my success story for others to read. I posted on here a few months ago because I had a tooth infection and after a course of antibiotics my dentist was going to remove it, she tried but I could feel everything I just wouldn't go numb, so then I had a second course of antibiotics and she tried again, same thing happened again, I was in agony!!

I was referred to the hospital so I thought I would have it done under a general (that opens a whole other can of anxiety concerns), but when I had my consultation they said they would also do it under a local, I was terrified the same thing was going to happen again. I had the tooth removed yesterday and I honestly did not feel a thing, not even the injections, I am in more pain today post extraction but that's to be expected. I am glad it's over, but I did it and it wasn't so bad.