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The Wand - Upper Teeth Pain?



Junior member
Apr 4, 2016
Hey guys,

So I'm definitely not new to this website, but this is my first time posting here! I'm a longtime dental phobe, hate hate hate needles and pain. Sitting through dental work is annoying but tolerable, it's mostly the idea of needles that have always terrified me. I'm also a childhood cancer survivor, which has led to some chronic dental issues, namely no enamel on my teeth so work tends to be extensive and fairly consistent. I opted for conscious sedation in the past, but that gets pretty expensive. And led to years of dental neglect.

I've been facing my fears the last couple years or so, and have been going to a really great, sympathetic dentist who uses The Wand. It's been a life-saver in terms of pain maintenance, I'm amazed at how little pain and discomfort I've felt when they use the Wand, it's practically nonexistent!

However. A month from now, I'm going in for treatment to get crowns on all 6 of my top front teeth. It's work that's needed to happen for a while now, I'm biting the bullet, getting it done etc.

Now, I have very clear memories from getting work done on my two front teeth 20 years ago, and those shots being particularly painful. I remember my dentist telling me there was pretty much nothing they could do to lessen the pain of that particular shot, given the location of the teeth.

Has anyone had any experience with getting dental work done on their front teeth using the Wand? Have things changed in 20 years? Or can I still expect a fair amount of pain when they administer the anesthetic, no matter how brief it may be?

Thanks for your help!
Good for you for getting it done.!! I also have enamel issues but from Brittle bone dieses, so alot of work through the years.. Now I have an amazing dentist who does painfree anesthetic shots.. 95% of the time and the 5% are very bareable.. just a slight pinch.. he explained how they make it painfree, one is the temperature if its room tempature. its supposed to be less painful and the pace at which its done if the do it slowly and use topical , which ishow he does it.. I ltierally don'e even know he's done it other than the fact he tells me to close my eyes so I don't see it.. I hope you get the same level of care in delivering the needle.. :) :)
With TheWand it should be fine in all areas. Slow delivery is always the key whatever the method. Ask your dentist. I am sure they will be able to reassure you given they use it already.