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There was no need to climb up to the ceiling at the office! – my experience of scaling



Jul 10, 2016
There was no need to climb up to the ceiling at the office! – my experience of scaling

Yeah! I did it! 24th August I let Doctor Kamil to do this scaling to me.

I asked him again, “Do we REALLY need to do it? ‘Cause I’m very afraid.” So he sighed and… explained to me very calmly and patiently what tartar is, he mentioned about softened gums and gingivitis and – at the end – about teeth that fall out. Sure, I knew this all but I wanted to be obedient and polite so I wasn’t going to interrupt him but – first of all – I wanted to gain time. :p “So, yes we have to,” he concluded.

Then he told me again about numbing of my mouth with polocaine, he allowed me to decide whether I want to have the whole mouth numb or just a part of it, “just three teeth”, as he called it and then… I don’t know when and how… but I let him to do what he considered as right. So, then he finally numbed “just a piece of my mouth” (and even blew into it to alleviate burning of polocaine spray! :) ) and started to do his work. I admitted that it hurt a bit for a second in the beginning so Doc promised, “I’ll be gentle.” :) Yeah, it was something very tickling with water but, surprisingly enough, there was no choking from my side. :) While my D.D.S. was cleaning my teeth, he stated disarmingly, “Ya know, I’ve always known that you’ll find your courage to have done something that you wouldn’t let to be done nowhere else – except my office.”
”Ha-ha, you’re absolutely right, Doctor!”
I thought with amusement.
”OK, I’m finishing,” he added a moment later. “These are my last moves in here.”

After a while he finished and said, “I need to brush your teeth now.” Well, to be honest, I wasn’t particularly happy with that but…
”Don’t get scared, will ya?” he asked me.
”Oh… I’ll try,” I answered.
He gently put something like an electric toothbrush into my mouth. It was tickling, buzzing and scrubbing but, although I still can’t believe this, it wasn’t so bad… ;) More particularly as the polishing paste he used had no taste. :)
Then he asked me to rinse my mouth so he took a cup with water and delicately pour some into it as I wouldn’t be able to hold this soft plastic vessel by myself.
So I rinsed, spitted out and – believe it or not – I was done!
“Now, tell me,” Doctor was eager to know, “how was it like? Terrible?”
I had to admit with surprise. “It wasn’t so much bad as I imagined.”

As I was coming out from the office with my Parents, I heard Doctor Kamil saying, “Bye! Take care, you all!”
When we were coming back home, I was thinking about how lucky I am because this nice, skillful, friendly and understanding young guy is my Dentist. To be honest, sometimes I think that he is such an ideal that he can’t be real, though! :) But, what’s the strangest matter for me, there was no need to climb up to the ceiling at his office! :) ;)

When I was brushing my teeth, I noticed that they were a bit sore and bleeding for three or four days after the procedure but it seems they are not now. :)

Last but not least, I want to thank you all so much for your very nice and warm words of support! I’d never think I’ll receive so many of them! :)
Re: There was no need to climb up to the ceiling at the office! – my experience of scaling

Thank you for taking the time to write about your success at your dental visit. Your dentist sound lovely. Maybe you would like to recommend him on the dentist recommendation section of this forum. That way others on here would be helped to find someone that they could get treatment from in your area.

Well done for getting there and having the cleaning :jump::jump::jump::butterfly: