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Think the NHS Dentist's high filling caused my tooth to crack...



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Apr 9, 2015
April 2015 Had a high filling in my upper left molar - the second to last one. After it I went back to get it filed down - had to bite down on a metal sheet as it felt far to tight - like my tooth was under too much pressure. after a month or two it was generally ok, think the nerve got use to it.

Around 6 months later, had a metal taste in my mouth which laster a good 3 months, noticed there was quite alot of metal in my mouth and at the time of the filling, the dentist did seem to do a lot of drilling and nodded his head in a frustrated manner.

Noticed a sharp crack around March this year (11 months since the filling), wasnt 100% sure it wasnt there already.

June saw the dentist who looked shocked 'you have a crack, did you know' so I knew then it was definitely new.

he asked the assistant when the filling was done

So I basically think he may have put too much metal in my mouth which stressed the tooth causing it to crack. I've not had any metal taste in my mouth since ive noticed the crack. So i think when the crack happened, and a bit of tooth left me (I assume i swallowed it in food) then the taste went.

Is there some sort of dentist ombudsman who would have a look and ascertain the cause of the crack?

My dentist said I would need a crown put in (cha-ching - keep em coming!) if theres decay or more comes off or the filling comes out.

The joys of teeth - wish someone would invent a film you have vacuum packed onto your teeth that stops decay or something.


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Jan 5, 2012
If you went to see another dentist and got a second opinion it might help you to decide. You can get a copy of your dental notes which you could take to another dentist.