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This is annoying...



Dec 15, 2006
Hi I'm back again, this is more an othradontal problem lol. I've recently got braces put in, and along with them I have a sort of clay/block at the back (top) of my teeth. I know its to stop me biting down on my braces but I'm just wondering 2 things...

1. They said it will grind down as I eat but how long approx. will that take?

2. Will I be getting these 'blocks' everytime I visit my orthadontist for brace tightening?

I know some people may not know but if there is anyone who's had braces and had the same thing as me could you let me know. Thanks in advance
Hi :), don't know the answer to your question but there's a big forum for discussing braces and orthodontics called Archwired.

Thought you might be interested!
Sometimes you need to block the teeth apart a bit to let the ones you want to move get freed from the bite and move into the right place. So it's a necessary evil I fear. Believe it or not, you will get used to it!