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This isn't meant to be melodramatic but it will sound that way



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Mar 27, 2014
I am so depressed over my teeth and my phobia that I feel suicidal.

I need 2 extractions and some fillings or root canal. I'm so frightened that I'd rather die than do this work.

I've already put up with pain for over a year because I'm too afraid.

I've been assaulted by a dentist and had some other bad experiences too
I was the exactly the same. I've been SO scared of the dentist since I was a little kid and had bad experiences. Only difference is I left it for more than a year (probably 10+) and always felt that someday my teeth would kill me because of how bad they were. I'm only 21 and thinking back now I wish I just kicked myself and went even 5 years ago when I might of need 2 extractions and a few fillings. But no I left it to the point where my teeth were just getting worse and worse and affecting me emotionally and physically everyday! About 5 months ago I was thinking about all this and realised that I had to get it done otherwise my teeth probably would of killed me. I plucked up the courage to make an appointment and then didn't go because I was so scared and my anxiety was really bad, I would just burst into to tears at the thought of it. I made another and followed through and went to see a dentist. To be honest I think she was appalled at how bad a state I was in and referred me to an oral surgeon at the hospital. After having a consultation there I was booked in to have all my back teeth removed in a operation plus a cyst that developed in my jaw bone because of an infection and was told I would need partial dentures :( Last week I had the op and I was so scared and upset and traumatised. But now it's all over with I feel so happy all the badness has gone away and my mouth is healthy. I never thought I would I thought my life would be over.

Im so sorry this is such a long post but honestly learn from me, don't leave it!!! Get it done now before its too late. Go to different dentists until you find one your comfortable with. Ask about having sedation while you get the work done and once it's all over you can go back to a normal healthy life with great teeth! :)
thank you! I don't know what I'll do about the teeth that have to be removed, I can't realy afford implants so I might have to leave it for now. they're both in the very back so, I guess I can live without them (according the the first dentist)

I'm just so frightened! I'm afraid to go to sleep for surgery.
You're welcome. I can't afford implants either although i would love them as I miss my real teeth! But for the meantime I'm coping with out my back teeth for now, by just sticking to soft food and chewing with my front teeth. I'm sure there will be some alternative to replace your teeth whether it be a bridge or a partial denture like the ones I will eventually get.
I know it's hard and scary believe me. If you asked me a year ago I would say no way am I ever getting them fixed. But you've gotta think long term. I'm lucky I don't need full dentures, if I left it another year I probably would have.
As for being put to sleep I was so so so scared but I lied down, closed my eyes tight and let the doctor inject me with the anaesthetic before I could even count to two I was out cold and to be honest I'm happy I was asleep because if I was awake I wouldn't of been able to cope. I'll support you all the way, if you need to talk to someone I will listen because I know what it feels like.
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Thank you so much! I have an appointment with an oral surgeon on Tuesday because the regular dentist said he can't do my extraction : (

I'm so freaked out! I can't even sleep at night or hardly eat anything.
Good luck with your appointment! Yeah my work could only be done by an oral surgeon too. I get how you feel, I mostly tried not to think about it and lived in a fantasy world in the build up to my appointment, I watch a lot of TV series so that kept my mind off it haha. Then on the day just think I'm gonna be brave and do this because in the end I will be ok. Let us know how everything goes :)
ps try to eat because now after I had all the work done I wish I made the most of all my favourite foods!
this is just a consultation :(
I thought it might be, still be brave and strong as much as you can :) you can also ask any questions or concerns you might have and get answers from a professional who knows what they're doing.