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This time I got help immediately



Junior member
Oct 17, 2023
Hello everyone. My success today is that I just had a dental emergency, and I called the dentist right away and reported what happened and was seen the next day! (Today) My poor dental condition is from my past decisions to avoid and just not deal with tooth problems as they occurred. Not this time! Yes, I was anxious about facing it, but I didn't want a worse situation to arise later on. My tooth was painful when I bit down on something hard. A few days later I started to eat dinner and 3/4 of the tooth just fell out! Today I was examined and the dentist said he could take care of it today if I wanted. I had root canal & temporary crown. 👍
Hi Bluebird. Went through the same thing, felt pain and mustered the courage to just go to the dentist. Felt very proud of myself and now, of you too. Hope we keep this up!
Excellent Hiboy! It really is great progress 👏
Well done!