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Three cheers for Blueberry in Bracknell!!



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Oct 1, 2010
In dental heaven
Hello to all.

After a long and somewhat traumatic search, I finally find myself in the caring arms of an amazing dental team in Bracknell, Berkshire UK. I found them through this site after others had written favourably about them.

I first went to them on spec to meet them on a round robin trip back in early April; on that day, I had also visited three other places to see what they could offer.

Bob, their lead dentist, took my case on straight away, being the only person I have met that has taken my genuine problems on board, and found answers very quickly!

The dreaded day passed two days ago (Friday) when I went for my first proper appointment. I had to go alone in the end, as my planned escort failed me miserably at the last minute. If she sees this, she should be ashamed!!
Luckily, this was not a problem in the end. Bob was running slightly late, so I had a little wait, but their hygeinist no less, came out, put her arm round me and brought me a cup of tea!! Never before have I had this sort of treatment from a hygeinist - what a revelation in dentistry service and attitudes! My heart goes out to her, as indeed it does to everyone else at Blueberry.

Bob was very welcoming, loving patient and good fun with his examination, and has solved my daily brushing ordeal in one foul stroke!! To share this with anyone on here who might find this helpful, all you do is rinse with a sore throat remedy for a few moments; this effectively numbs your whole mouth for a while, such that you can actually abuse your gums and not care in the slightest!! So the brushing was easy and pain free. It has changed my dental life for ever. Thankyou so much Bob XX............

To finish, all of the staff at Blueberry (www.blueberrydental.com) were simply lovely people to know, and I feel so cheered to know that there are some decent compassionate and professional dentistry people out there. The only downside to this practice (but again they have made best of what they have) is the surroundings; it is very in your face a dental practice without the pleasant surroundings (such as a lounge or garden etc) that many other places seem to offer these days, which is an issue for many of us phobics out there. But the people involved are ultimately the most important deciding factor of a good practice, hence I endorse them highly. Give them a go; they will look after you!!
Finally thanks to all on this site that made this all happen in the first place.

Take care, and good luck to all in their dental endeavours,

Love Simon XX