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Three days to go .....



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Jan 30, 2022
I am booked for iv sedation on 18th and 1 extraction . I have had this booked for 2 weeks and during that time i spend my time crying shaking and generally feeling sorry for myself and honestly feel like i am losing it i need this appointment to be over however i know i have another 3 teeth to be extracted too so this keeps playing on my mind. I cant think of anything else . I am hoping this appointment will give me the confidence to book and arrange the other extractions.
Hello all

Extraction on the 18th with iv sedation .

The anxiety is horrendous as i have a further 2 to be removed in the future and the future of my other teeth supporting a denture .

Been off work ill as i feel shaky empty sad depressed i guess and cannot stop thinking of the whole procedure. How does this take over your thoughts all the time .

On a positive i am hopeful that the sedation will be amazing and i can get the other two removed using this method. Fingers crossed
Hey Jackialeen,

you're very brave going through this and I'm glad you know that the sedation will be amazing, because that's what the most people here report! :)

Yes, it's crazy how your thoughts are 100% about the appointment as it comes closer, right? May I ask you what exactly is on your mind when you are having anxiety - what is your fear telling you will happen?

All the best wishes
My fear is the what next i have 3 more to be removed and injections in the roof of my mouth cant bear them .... hence having to pay for sedation . I have a crown which broke and the dentist left the tooth so that has to be removed a tooth that snapped at the front which i have a plate denture for that needs to be removed and a further tooth at the back thats bleeding currently that is mobile that needs to be removed .

The tooth i am having removed on 18th is loose and had 3 abcesses in last few years this was caused by the plate denture. My dentist referred me to a sedation dentist due to my fears . My dentist is planning on doing a impression and adding a additiinal tooth to the denture and i am concerned the plate it will make my last few teeth loose too .

I feel so low from it all and i have been waiting 4 weeks to get onevtooth removed cant see a end or what will be the future of my mouth just makes me get emotional all the time .

I am trying to tell myself to be positive one stage at a time . It so hard sorry
No need to stay positive here, Jackieallen, this is a super scary thing and it's ok to feel low and preoccupied. Big things cause big feelings and that's a part of the process so you are doing everything right. Have your dentist discussed with you how exactly the future of your mouth is supposed to be once the procedure is over? It sounds like you are having a lot of insecurities about this..
No i have a appointment in 10 days after my extraction to have a impression done for my denture thats all . I do i hope tomorrow is amazing and i will be confident to get further treatment fingers crossed
All done sedation is the best no pain and felt nothing like a miracle . Best dentsl expierence ever . Now got to book for the others which they say they can do in one hit