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Throbbing pain comes in waves from extraction site to my head after upper molars extraction.



Sep 30, 2023
ok, as it only 9 hours since the extraction so I will try not to panic yet until 24 hours.

I had 2 big back upper molars extraction today, one was really hard to get out as it was 4 roots! molar. The dentist has to use some instrument to twisted at the socket I think to get it loose from the socket and pull, but once pull it still not want to come out, he has to use his knee to get some force and then it out. He said it all out, and I trust him, hope he not leave a root behind.
anyhoo, after Lidocaine wear out, I keep getting the THROBBING pain radiate from the extraction site to my head. The throbbing from the extraction site and it go up to my head, it comes in waves, like sometimes it gets better, then throbbing go back to head again, and cycle repeated.

I DO have abscess, there was pus pockets on my gum and x-ray clearly show abscess at the roots. But he said once the tooth extract my body will take care of the abscess, just take antibiotics (which I have but not take it yet due to the Penicillin capsule it big and I can't seem to swallow well yet, so going to take it tomorrow morning).

Should I worry about this throbbing pain now, or just give it at least 24 hours before head back to the dentist office.

Thank you.
Another question I have is I did NOT see a drill on the instruments table, I however see two elevator, but when he extract my teeth I feel like he drill it, like it twist in circle, I'm assuming that is using an elevator to twist to loosen the socket right? The molar was 4 roots and HARD to get out.