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Throbbing pain two weeks after wisdom teeth extraction



Junior member
Dec 20, 2017
Two weeks ago today, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. First couple of days went smooth. I have done everything the way I was instructed. Around day 5 I still hadn’t gotten the feeling back in my right lip and right lower teeth. It was causing tingling and pain, like constant sinsitive teeth. On top of that I started to getting throbbing pain So I went in to see the oral surgeon and he said everything is good. Fast forward to day 8, I start to get stabbing pain in my left cheekbone. It also has started to get puffy. I spoke to the resident on call and told him what was going on. He said he think my age is just causing it to take longer to get better, but he thinks I am. A couple days later, I’m running a low grade fever, which I never do and my cheekbones are killing me. So I call again and am told again how he thinks I’m getting better and calls in antibotics to be safe. Now two weeks later, my cheek is killing me and I still not fully regained my feeling on my right side of my mouth. I know my body, something isn’t right! It feels like my eye is sagging!!


Junior member
Dec 4, 2017
When I went to the dental hospital, they said that to gargle with warm salt water for 2 minutes. When the tooth was removed, did you bite on a pad to stop the bleeding. That pain might be the gum healing, you should also take pain killers like paracetamol. Were the teeth up or lower that were removed.

Why were they removed?