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throbbing/pulling sensation bottom front teeth after extraction



Junior member
Sep 20, 2014
just got my wisdom teeth removed around 6 days ago. my bottom teeth were impacted, which caused overcrowding of my front teeth (they became crooked)

Anyways, 3 days after, i started to realize this pressure like feeling.. it feels like a tightening band around my four front teeth, kinda how it feels after you had your braces tightened. the pressure can get pretty intense sometimes.

has anyone experienced this before? my only explanation is that now the wisdom teeth is gone my front teeth are able to move arund again, but this doesnt seem to be very common.... could this be nerve damage? i dont feel pain there, but jus pressure like someone is mashing/pulling my front teeth together..

im going to the doctor tomorrow and will ask her about it, but i was just wondering if anyone had the same expereince and could put me a little at ease :)

any help would be great
There was a long debate in the dental world whether the wisdom teeth can pressure and effect the front teeth and now it is proved that it is not possible.
It could be that you had a problem at the front even before the extractions and it got flared up.
Hi Dr.

Thank you for your reply. Do you know what kind of probelms would usually be assosciated with these kind of sensations?
i've experienced this after extractions each time and my dentist told me it could be due to the bite adjusting after losing teeth