Tingling Feeling in My Jaw



Junior member
Mar 17, 2021
Hi, so recently I have noticed a strange sensation happening when I brush my lower right wisdom tooth area. If I'm brushing towards the back and the hard bit of my toothbrush (manual toothbrush) touches the jaw behind where my wisdom tooth (added a picture to show where I mean) is I get a weird feeling in my face. My wisdom tooth has mostly erupted through the gum but is on a slight angle compared to the other molars. It isn't necessarily painful, it almost feels like an electrical shock feeling that runs across my cheek to the corner of my lips and also runs down my jaw towards my chin. This has only started happening in the last month or so. I've tried looking the issue up on google but didn't have any luck finding anything similar. I have a dentist appointment in two weeks for treatment on that side but I am worried that this tingling feeling could make the treatment more difficult as I have had trouble getting numb in the past and I'm already nervous enough to begin with. Have you ever seen anything like this? Do you have any idea what would be causing this or what it's called?