Tingling for months at the site of a bone graft



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Jan 15, 2016
I had an accident resulting in two of my front teeth needing replacement. I have already had them extracted and a bone graft (from a source other than my body) was placed in preparation for implants. So far everything has been pretty painless but I have been noticing a slight tingle in the area. It has been three months since the graft and the tingle has intermittently bothered me. It has been mostly noticeable after smoking my occasional medicinal canabis but recently it has been happening when I am not smoking. Being very young and not a cigarette smoker, this should have no affect on the success of my treatment. I keep thinking that this sensation is the feeling of the bone growing and it will go away when I get my implants placed next month but I am worried I might actually have nerve damage. I really don't want to live with this annoying sensation for my many decades to come so if anyone has any experience with this please help me.


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Jun 24, 2015
Hi Kmax -

I too lost a front tooth in December and had bone graft in anticipation of implant in the next 12 weeks. I haven't had any tingling, *but* that doesn't mean that your symptoms indicate anything sinister. My bone graft was donated cadaver bone...was yours as well? Do you have any new swelling or bleeding or any other symptoms? Is it painful?

When is your next follow up and scan for the implant? They'll be able to tell you if anything is going wrong on your pre-implant scan (3D scan, I'm assuming), but I'm willing to bet you're fine :D

When in doubt, do call your oral surgeon or dental specialist that is performing the implant surgery -- they'll be able to ease your concerns or schedule you for an earlier appt if they feel it's necessary based on your symptoms.

Keep us posted - I do like to hear how others get along in the same process I'm having.


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Sep 27, 2013
I don't think you should be smoking anything especially if you have just received a bone graft.