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Tiny brown spot on front tooth!



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Feb 7, 2018

I posted recently about a tooth problem, but then I fixate on my teeth. I can't help it.

I've had a small white spot and line on my lower front tooth for years. It now seems to be browning. I don't know if it's a stain or decay and it's really giving me anxiety. It doesn't have any other symptoms.


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I should also add that on close inspection, the area looks like a very shallow pit. Certainly can't feel a pit and it isn't sensitive to touch at all. But it looks like a very shallow crater on the surface of the tooth. I'm not sure what would cause a white and brownish spot like this.
It's a little flaw in the enamel surface. Really nothing to worry over.
Thank you @Gordon

You have no idea how much stress you relief for some of us!
It's a little flaw in the enamel surface. Really nothing to worry over.
My anxiety is getting the better of me and I keep looking at it in the mirror. If I slowly run my finger nail over the tooth, I can feel the tiniest little divot. Really tiny though. Can you explain what would cause this tiny, white pit on the front of the tooth and that it really isn't any concern?

Again, there is absolutely no pain or sensitivity in the tooth.
Do my best... something has interrupted the normal smooth development of the enamel in that tooth, can be something like trauma affecting the preceding baby tooth, fairly common in that area since toddlers fall over a lot! Could be you had a bad dose of flu or other virus at the wrong time, or could be just bad luck. It's not an area that is prone to decay hence why I wouldn't worry about it.