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Tiny lump on gum



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Sep 4, 2020
I have a teeny tiny lump on the lip side above my front tooth. This can't be seen by looking at it - it doesn't look raised or a different colour. It's not white or a different shade of pink to my other gum areas. It can't be felt with my finger, only my tongue. It can't be seen on a photo (hence I havent bothered to take one to post). There's no pain, no change of sensation, no sensitivity to hot/cold/tapping, literally nothing apart from I can feel it with my tongue. It doesn't fill with anything or drain.

Is it likely to be anything I need to worry about, I'm hoping it's not an abscess and I won't lose my front teeth. Should I be worried or is it likely nothing - its not changed at all in size etc since I first noticed it. I cant remember exactly when that was but its more than a few months now.

Sorry to be a pain, you all know how much of a worrier I am ?

Thank you for reading.
Where is it in relation to the gum margin? Is it within the attached gingiva (the pink stippled bit) or the darker free gingiva?
Given the description it's just a little thicker area of bone over the root. Nothing to lose sleep over.
Thanks so much for your reply. I have attached a photo, and circled where it is but as I say you can't actually see it so I don't know how much use it'll be. I will mention it at my next check up but recent check up and xrays were all fine. Seeing the picture attached, do you still think its nothing to worry about?
Thank you


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Definitely nothing to worry about. It'll just be a slight thickening of the boney ridge.
Thanks so much. As always, I really appreciate your replies and putting my mind at ease