Tmj and swollen jaw muscle



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Dec 11, 2012
Hi all, I have been having problems with my TMJ for some months now. Seems like I clench my teeth at night and have poor posture, leading to tight neck muscles which aggravate the problem. These last few days I woke up with a very sore jaw and a slight diffuse swelling of the jaw muscle just underneath my left ear. The discomfort is annoying and keeping me from sleeping at night... It has been a few days already, does anyone have any good suggestions for me?

my dentist isn't too interested after making me an NTI splint. I wear that nightly but still clench my teeth and wake up with a tired, and now swollen jaw! Please help??


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Jan 5, 2012
I have tmj also and my dentist is going to see me in three months and if it is still as bad I will be referred to the local hospital for testing and treating. I have forgotten exactly what she said. Could you ask your dentist to refer you to the hospital for them to have a look at your jaw. I have suffered for some years with this and although previous dentists have noted I have it they haven't done anything about it. The dentist I see now is very good and is tackling the problems I have and getting me help.

I am at the moment in agony with my jaw and when I yawn it locks and I have to massage my jaw back into place, of course when you really don't want to do something it happens all the more, I always seem to be yawning.

Let us know how you get on, I wish you good luck :clover::clover::clover: and I hope you manage to sort it out soon.