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Tmj pain? Tender/sore when pressed. Help!



Mar 17, 2015
My Jaw on both sides is extremely sore to touch from my chin towards the middle of each jawline. Occasionally there will be a spontaneous pain but mostly it is with touch. It feels as though the bone is bruised or could it be the muscle? I do have TMJ problems and i'm wondering if this could be the cause? however i know TMJ pain is more typical nearer the ear part of the jawline, this is slightly tender to touch but nowhere near as sore.

Does anyone have TMJ pain like this?! Feeling so deflated :(

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
Hi I have TMJ problems and the pain from that can radiate to the lower jaw yes, it can also give you headache neck ache and cause pain in the whole of your face.

See a dentist and ask if they think a night guard would help, you may need to see a specialist about this if it is causing you so much pain.