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TMJ question, I'm very anxious and nervous.



Junior member
Oct 2, 2021
Long story short (please bear with this story, I swear I'll ask the question):
I have a deviated jaw which is undergoing treatment. The misaligned jaw was diagnosed promptly and quickly, but the treatment that started around April was, a failure. I posted before here asking about some markings in my lower inner lip. These markings were promptly diagnosed by @Gordon as bite marks (which they were).
These markings were the result of my mouth loosing height. In July, I started complaining about pain on one side of the mouth. Instead of asking for a tomography or some kind of x-ray, the dentist kept on shaving down some of my teeth around (he said I had nothing. I was just "stressed"). Later on, I found out going to another dentist that my teeth was broken and I underwent surgery to pull that thing out. I though this would be the end of it, but NO.

At the beginning of september my mouth was no longer swollen (THANKFULLY), I started to feel burning in the inside of the front of my mouth (inner lips) and the markings began to appear. Turns out I was biting *and* I realized with horror that the stupid dentist had been making all sorts of "adjustments" to a swollen mouth. The burning I felt was, in fact, chafing of my misaligned teeth against my skin.

This forum has helped me a lot already. I return here looking yet again for help.

I still have to undergo treatment to change two crowns (the last teeth in the far upper back). The idiotic dentist who shaved my teeth broke one of the crowns, so It needs replacement.
I still need to fill in the gap of the missing tooth Though (this will be done, hopefully next week).

When I started treatment for the misaligned jaw my bite was even (although misaligned) and my upper teeth were complete. I had various symptoms (tinnitus, neck pain, headaches), but I did not have the feeling of chafing on my inner lip.
I use a splint (I think this is what it's called in english. a device that sets your whole mouth in the center to bring the jaw to proper alignment). By the time I started using a new guard (Because I had to have a new one made because all the changes I underwent in the past months) I had altered taste, numbed jaw, Tinnitus, neck pain *and* the chafing problem.

I am one month into the treatment and my numbed jaw, altered taste, headaches is gone. Tinnitus has gone down exponentially (thank the lord). The chafing problem still persists. I asume this will go away too once the teeth are aligned again. I can feel how my lower teeth in their deviated position rub against my inner lips. This is so weird to me. But I guess it was expected because of all the changes (shaving) and the missing tooth that I have now.

It is important to know that when I used the splint (hours at a time. I put it all night long when I go to sleep) my teeth are set in place and set apart. They only move up and down in their aligned position when I speak.

I just want to confirm chafing can occur when the teeth are very badly misaligned due to a misaligned jaw when one is not using the splint.

I even try to move my jaw to the far right and the chafing kind of stops.

This has been a nightmare. I even thought I was allergic to toothpaste but it turned out to be only my inner lip being extremely sore and sensitive to toothpaste because of the biting and the chafing. I no longer have biting marks since the new dentist has made an effort to, little by little, complete all the missing parts that the other idiot shaved down.

Still the chafing persists. It is less intense, as time goes by, but I just want some reassurance this is somehow normal. Because, for sure, this is chafing going on.

I even had a bridge done for the missing tooth (but I had to send it back as it was poorly fitted) and my mouth felt instantly better. I never though one missing tooth could altered my bite so badly.

Anyway, if someone can assist me again, I'll be grateful forever.

To make this even shorter: when I'm using the splint and my teeth are held apart and aligned, even when I talk using the mouthguard the chafing sensation is not there. When I am without the mouth guard it all depends how I position my mouth when I talk or eat. I have to be very conscious to place my teeth to the far left when the middle teeth match. then there is no chafing or little (because of course, the jaw will try to go back regardless, that is what the splint is for. To set the jaw and teeth in place).

Hope someone can reassure me a little. It's really been a tough year for me.

I just want to be healthy again and it scares me that moron altered my bite so badly that I will be with this discomfort forever.
I"m not clear what you're asking here? If it's all OK with the splint in place then it should be possible to eliminate this problem in time, so it will get better.
oh sorry @Gordon . I was asking if this can arise due to a misaligned jaw and teeth (the chafing). This is something I've never experienced. I wanted to get some reassurance this is something that happens with this illness (like altered taste, numbed jaw, tinnitus. All to which my tmj doctor said yes) and it'll eventually go away with the use of the splint.