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TMJ Question



Aug 4, 2012
I have TMJ. Right now, I'm pretty sure it's severe. At least it feels that way! I went to the dentist for wisdom tooth pain. It turned out to be TMJ. I have upper wisdom teeth, no bottom. The pain is in my bottom molars, my ear and bottom jaw. I did have some discomfort around my first molar at the top, but by bottom one was also hurting and that's where I bite down more. I've been studying for finals and going to bed at weird times, because of that, I haven't been wearing my mouth guard for over a month.

I have no pain or swelling around my wisdom teeth (where they should be). I'm assuming my dentist didn't think it was my wisdom teeth because he let me schedule my appointment for January. Can someone reassure me on this? What can I do to ease TMJ symptoms? Any tricks I could try? Besides wearing my mouth guard. My dentist made it clear he could tell I wasn't wearing it and said that he'd glue it in my mouth next time if I continued to forget it. :) Help would be appreciated!! It's so frustrating.
One way to reassure yourself that it is TMJ causing the symptoms and not your wisdom teeth, is to start wearing your mouth guard again regularly. The appliance is designed to ease the tension and stress placed on the joint. As a result, your symptoms will lessen if not disappear altogether.

Stress is a contributing factor to TMJ disorders. Studying for finals always stresses students out. Try some relaxation techniques to calm your body down and reduce some stress. Do whatever it is that you enjoy doing to unwind for a little bit.

Moist heat or ice packs can reduce symptoms.

Sleep on your side with a pillow between your shoulder and neck.

Relax. - Yoga, massage, deep breathing, meditation...

Eat soft foods. Don't eat foods that require your jaws to work to chew your food.

Over-the-counter pain medications can relieve some TMJ discomfort.

Don't yawn or play with your jaw by popping it open and closed.

Avoid habits like chewing gum, biting pens or pencils, opening things with your teeth, nail biting, or eating hard or chewy candies and snacks.
Thank you so much! I'm going to try these out. I've noticed myself clenching throughout the day at different times. Would it hurt to wear it whenever I feel myself doing it or just wear it at night? If it doesn't ease up, is there a possibility that top wisdom teeth could hurt the bottom jaw and just the bottom?
Hi I read in a post from hartsada that she has some lotion on prescription from her dentist that works for her. The lotion is called Mintiva and is for TMJ, she is not in the UK, if you are I don't know if we can get it here but it might be worth asking for. :butterfly:
I'm not either. I asked my dentist. We had a little misunderstanding with it when I asked him, but he's going to check and see if we can get one for me!
Hi, all. :) My pain isn't as bad, it's gotten better! Not much, but we're getting there.

My dentist said to wear my mouth guard and give it the rest of this week. If I'm not better, come in Monday and he'll do more x-rays and we'll go from there.

Downside to all of this, I'm still an absolute nervous wreck. Thanks to my internships and classes and such, I cannot get my wisdom teeth out (unless it's an emergency, of course) until September/October. I'm just worried that this is not TMJ. Is it uncommon to have flare ups that last for a few weeks? My dentist still didn't seem too concerned about it, so I guess I shouldn't.