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TMJ question



May 8, 2007
Hi guys,

I had my wisdom teeth out May 18. I have for the past few years had slight pain/aching on my left side, right about where the jaws meet and sometimes down my neck infrequently (i.e. not constant and seemingly random). I do wear a bite guard at night. I always assumed this was because of my wisdom teeth pushing in but now they are gone and I still get this pain every so often.

I remember my dentist long ago saying I had slight TMJ but nothing major. I am heading to my oral surgeon for final post op Friday and seeing my dentist for something else Tues. I'm wondering if I should re-mention this and see if any treatment is available?

Just wondering if I seem to be on the right track and if there are any thoughts of this and possible treatment. Thanks!
It might be some TMJ related pain, it's certainly worth mentioning it to your dentist. You might have a wee read on www.nti-tss.com for more info on TMJ problems than you can be bothered to digest :)