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To those who have had laughing gas and valium.


Bouncy Bat

Junior member
Aug 24, 2009
What were your experienced with having bothing at the same time?
Tommorow I'm going to have some cavities filled. I get very bad anxiety and panic episodes even with a simple cleaning. My dentist has put me partially a ease because she was extremley nice, gentle, empathetic, and appalled to hear about the bully of a dentist I had as a child) and she has prescribed me a 5mg tab of valium an hour before hand, how ever much laughing gas they'll be using for an 87 pound female, and the standard topical numbing gel and novocaine.
I had valium and laughing gas when I was 9 and 11 for two surgical extractions. The valium calmed me down enough so that I could get in the chair and then the nitrous took over. I felt out of it, but the time flew by. I only remember the dentist asking me to open my mouth a couple of times. Afterwards, I slept for a while and was fine!