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Today was the day after 10 years of not going



May 4, 2017
So a little background, I've had really bad discoloured teeth as a child, I wore braces for 5 years and had dreadful treatments at an impatient dentist growing up. After my braces were removed I saw a dentist twice and never again, some of my teeth even shifted... Fast forward 10 years, I'm getting married soon and just want to be able to smile freely without covering my mouth.

I had been looking through dentists for months and contemplating going. My fiance eventually decided to just make an appointment for me on Tuesday for Today(Thursday). I was dreading it, I am petrified of the dentist, needles and all those instruments poked around your mouth and the potential pain that comes with it. The feeling of fear in your tummy is the worse. Yesterday I started reading through this forum for hours and even this morning before the visit, it helped ease my anxiety and also made me feel like it was all going to be ok.

We arrived at the dentist office and I bust into tears. The fear and anxiety were killing me. I tried to pull myself together and go in. The receptionist handed me the forms and we waited for my turn...

The dentist was extremely sweet and understanding. We only did xrays and an exam and started on a treatment plan. No decaying teeth or root canal, which was a relief, just starting off with deep cleaning! Best part was she said she would have me sorted out by my wedding :) The assistant assured me there was nothing to worry about and they advised me to use nitrous oxide for the treatments which they said would be more than enough to calm me. They even said if I wanted IV I could choose it however it was not necessary for me.

I walked out so happy and so relieved, I cannot wait to get through this plan and finally sort my teeth out.
It is going to be expensive but I will have to do it now as I cannot carry on living with this insecurity and cringe feeling whenever people ask me to smile in pics.

For everyone who is in this boat, please go and just do it. Ask for as much sedation as you need and patience from your dentist and close your eyes and let them do it.

Next appointment on Monday already... Hopefully I will be ok going through with it now that the initial appointment is done.


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Apr 23, 2015
United Kingdom
Well done for going to the dentist,