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Told I need an extraction but i'm in no pain



Junior member
Nov 5, 2016
Hi guys,

I see an nhs community dentist due to severe anxiety and disability. Last year I saw a dentist for a check up and was told everything was fine but be wary of a few fillings that may be needed.
Skip to this year, different dentist and I've been told I need an extraction! I'm in no pain whatsoever!! I've previously had inlays and a crown done which hurt an awful lot beforehand when the tooth was decayed - so I'm completely confused as to why I need a tooth extracting :S
I was expecting maybe a few fillings because I have a phobia of brushing my teeth sometimes (stupid I know) and I have no pain.

Is it possible my X-rays have been mixed up or something? Or do I need a second opinion? I've been crying everyday this week :(

Mr carer rung the dentist, and it turns out they don't offer root canals and thats why I was told it needed extracting ;(
Looking into private options now!

If you can try and save the tooth. good luck
Hi, You can totally save this tooth! Please don't cry, this can be resolved x I can't believe the dentist is advising extraction when root canal is a valid option. Do not extract it until you seek further advice, as it can cause further problems like your teeth moving and over erruption of the opposing tooth. Seek the advice of an endodontist, as they specialise in root canals. To be honest, they will do a better job than your dentist as root canals are their full time job and they have special equipment to make it likely to be much more successful than a dentist would. If you can't afford private treatment, see if you can be referred to a hospital for endodontic treatment. Good luck!