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Tomorrow is the day and I’m sick!!



Jul 18, 2021
Tomorrow at noon I get 15 teeth extracted and immediate dentures. Working myself up to being sick right now. Just picked up my meds. 5 mg Valium an hour before visit and nitrous. Does that sound like enough not to feel the needles? Only real part I’m scared of are the injections. Someone please give me some hope so I don’t cancel. Doubt I will sleep tonight.
I hope it goes well. Is it a normal Dentist or Oral Surgeon?
Any Sedation? I’m praying for you!
I have a extractions on Friday that I’m very nervous for!
I am having Valium and nitrous. Will update after my appt. good luck to you on Friday. This is being done by my regular dentist who is very aware of my nerves.
That’s good it’s someone you know. Good luck!
Good luck! It will be ok, try to be strong and remember you’re doing what’s best for your overall health! I’ve had a few single extractions and literally just close my eyes the entire time. Keep us posted, try to get some rest.
I’m trying! 6 more hours. I don’t know how I’m going to do this!!
You got this. My appointment is Friday and I am freaking out per usual. I want to cancel so bad but I also want these teeth out.

good luck. Please update ASAP!
2 more hours!!! Still sick snd weak in the knees.
It will be behind you soon! Go, lady, go!
I am home. Success!!!!! From the time to sit in the chair until my ride picked me up was one hour. 10 mg Valium and no nitrous. NUMEROUS injection that I handled fine. My dentist is absolutely wonderful!! Stopped every few minutes to ask “are you doing ok?” No pain whatsoever except a couple other f the first injections but nothing I could not tolerate. Dentures aren’t even close to fitting but look great. I am so happy I did this. The new me!!! I can smile and talk with confidence. So many have said the wait and imagination are 100 time worse that the procedure and that is so right. Took my pain med and antibiotic so getting all set in for the evening. I cannot praise my caring compassionate dentist enough!!!
Good job! I’m so glad you had a wonderful outcome! Did it take a while? Stitches?
No stitches. Took one hour from sitting in the chair until my ride picked me up.
That’s awesome Congratulations!
Please don’t cancel!!! The worrying was 100 time worse than getting 15 teeth extracted and numerous shots I really did not feel. Only had 10 mg Valium. No nitrous.
I wonder do they use the same anesthetic that they do for fillings?
I hope it goes well. Is it a normal Dentist or Oral Surgeon?
Congrats! I'm so terribly happy for you!