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Tomorrows D-Day!  Help, urgent advice needed



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May 23, 2007
Hi, big phobic here, tomorrow is d-day, have oral surgery booked under IV Sedation at my dentists office. The anaesthesist is a GP who specialises in Anaesthetics.
Anyway I'm to have 2 teeth extracted (never had extractions before, only fillings), one of them is broken to the gumline & has over many years got recurrent infections which I've resolved with antibiotics. The other is the wisdom near it. They're both upper left.
I am absolutely petrified of mass swelling after the extractions or even during the surgery from the anaesthetic used to extract the teeth. I mean I know I won't have a care in the world with the IV but it's when it wears off, I know I'll be imagining mass swelling that's heading to my airway! Please help, I need some support. I actually want to ask the dentist to just take the broken tooth out as this is a big step for me & can the wisdom wait. He told me before it has to come out but I don't understand as it never gives me any trouble. Any advice much appreciated. Also is it ok to have a few glasses of wine the night before the IV sedation? The anaesthesist told me just not to drink or eat after midnight. My surgery is for 0830 in the morning.
Signed big scaredy cat who's cryin like a baby :hidesbehindsofa: :scared: :cry: :cry: :scared: :scared:
Re: Tomorrows D-Day!  Help, urgent advice needed

I can't answer your questions, but just wanted to say that I read and am thinking of you.
Snail :thumbsup:
Re: Tomorrows D-Day!  Help, urgent advice needed

well i had a wisdom tooth taken out in april and oral surgery under iv sedation was fun actually. your so doped up your happy as can be. you would want oral surgery more often!
Re: Tomorrows D-Day!  Help, urgent advice nee

I haven't had IV sedation but I have had my wisdom teeth out and I can tell you that the swelling is truly nothing to worry about. I had three taken out at once (they were impacted) and I was slightly more chipmonk-ish in the cheek area then usual but it seemed to be only me who could really tell. The pain was minimal. They decided to leave the erupted wisdom tooth in at the time because I was using it, but it was later removed to make more room. That one was done in the office with no sedation and it literally just took a second or two and I had no swelling at all from it. I didn't tell anyone I was going in to have it done and no one ever knew otherwise...I ate soup that night just in case but that is not unusual for me anyway. If the two teeth you are having out have actually erupted and are not impacted, you should not have any major swelling at all. Personally, I'd have them both out at once so you don't have to go through the whole process again but do whatever feels right to you as it's your mouth and your choice to make.

Good luck! Thinking of you!
Re: Tomorrows D-Day!  Help, urgent advice nee

sorry, I just realized I misread the post and it is the sedation that you are worried about causing swelling. Sorry for the misread.