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Tongue side of gum hard/bump 2 months after extraction



Junior member
Apr 9, 2016
What could this be? I had an extraction and a dry socket/antiobiotics two months ago, all has been well, gum a bit tender still to chew hard food on so today I poked around a bit with my finger and found like a small hard almost pointy bit on the tongue side of the gum so not the top of the extraction site, what on earth could that be?? its a bit sore to press but I don't notice it otherwise, apart from when chewing and touching it, it doesnt cause pain and I couldn't exactly call it pain either. Any clues??o_O
Ninety nine percent of the time it is either a bone spur working it's way out or a sharp area of the bone. Over time this will heal into a more rounded form. Either one of those isn't anything to be concerned about.
Thank you very much for taking the time to reply, I had a better look today in daylight and its not red at all, no redness whatsoever, in fact if anything the gum tissue with the hard bump looks paler that the rest of my gums, its just like a hard white bony lump, so your suggestion that is is probably bone/bonespur sounds completely logical to me, I have a check up next month so will mention it to the dentist then as well if it is still as prominent. Once again thanks :)