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Too high of a filling?



Junior member
Oct 5, 2016
I got a filling that felt too high once I stepped out of the office. Felt okay in the chair though. I am not ure if it's because I was numb.

Anyways, fast forward 2 months later, I have extreme sensitivity when I bite down on it or expose it to hot or cold drinks.

Is fixing a high filling painful? Will it require anesthetic? Can I get anesthetic? It is super sensitive so I am scared of any sort of pain :(
Fixing a high filling only takes a few moments. It's usually best to avoid the anesthetic if possible as being numb makes it much more difficult to tell where you are biting.
I had mine reduced the other day, and it was quick, and didn't hurt. I hope by now you're sorted, but if not, please go back and get it done, as it's bound to feel better after!