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Too much for local?



Junior member
Jun 21, 2017
There is a dentist in a large new building with multiple dentists who wants to pull 25 teeth and do four "bone repl grf prsw" procedures, whatever that is, using only local anesthesia. Is this practical? The fact they want to do a two-three hour long procedure in this fashion has caused a lot of anxiety. :( Will offices who don't have the personnel or equipment for general anesthesia still push for local only? They said there is nitrous available, but I don't know, it seems like with the molds already made the point of no return has arrived..
This is typical as very few dentists do even IV sedation. Personally I would want more than nitrous for 25 extractions. I would be fine for a few but really 25. The second thing is do you actually need 25 out?
Never too late to change dentists too if need be.