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Took the plunge and went to the dentist after an absence of four years


Demi Anastasiou

Junior member
Jul 25, 2017
Four years ago I had my bottom right wisdom tooth extracted and shortly after that, I developed dry socket. I'll never forget that experience I can still remember the excruciating pain caused by it.:cry: I was too afraid to go to a dentist ever since even though I knew that I had to have more teeth extracted. Today, I took the plunge and managed to visit another dentist to have my bottom canine tooth removed. All went well and strangely enough, the bleeding stopped within half an hour. I removed the gauge and in spite of the fact that the dentist prescribed pain killers had no pain whatsoever. Unfortunately, he forgot to tell me not to use a straw when drinking so as soon as I got home I drank water with a straw. I seriously hope this will not cause dry socket. I really can't bear to go through with that again. It really is absolutely the worse thing that can happen after a tooth extraction. So far so good, just hoping that the fact that I had a drink with a straw is not going to create any problems within the next 24 hrs.
Sounds like a much better experience so far!! HOpe dry socket does not develop!