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tooth abcess



Jun 30, 2015
Ive been fighting a tooth abcess and on my 3rd antibiotic the dentist is wanting to pull it although its still abcessed im scared it want numb has anyone had this situation and was the toith removed ok without pain im terrified of numer
I’m dealing with a tooth abscess right now and it will be pulled on the 7th of September. That one will be done during surgery under anesthesia, but I’ve a tooth pulled awake before. The numbing doesn’t hurt much at all! It stings for a literal second or two and then you can’t feel a thing pain wise. You might feel some pressure and hear some crunching noises but it shouldn’t hurt at all. If it does your dentist can give you more numbing. You got this!!
Yes, I have got an absessed impacted front tooth and it pretty much ruined the root of the tooth next to it. I had to have a root canal and I was worried it wouldn't numb it.
Turns out I was worried for nothing and the root canal was a breeze. ?
Dealing with the same exact thing. Was told yesterday that the molar had a hairline crack and would have to be pulled. Setting up for next week if jaw can open fully by then. The abscess tightened up everything before it ruptured. Has your abscess not ruptured on it's own? Still down in the gum/root?

As for the pull, we are in the same boat friend. We got this.

Take care.
no abcess hasnr ruptured hes given 5 more days diffrent antibiotic which will be my 4th one then extraction tuesday

i had a bad allergic reaction to numer years ago now im terrified everytime a dentist tries to give me some how can i overcome this fear i feel terrified that ill have another reaction im suppose to have a tooth extraction tuesday my dentist gave me a valum will this help me i hate being this way