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Tooth ache in the night


The Lone Wanderer

Junior member
Jun 5, 2020
I had a tooth worked on in April 2020. I have had problems since. First it was so high the filling that it was painful to eat I had it shaved down and then another filling done that was too high. I got fitted for a mouth guard and that was the most traumatic process of my life. I was gagging and crying and the dental assistant rolled her eyes and told me to wiggle my toes or something. I have a very small mouth so it's hard to get thing's in there. I told the dentist about the pain and she said the mouth guard will help and it's because I'm grinding but I keep pulling the guard out in my sleep. She the dentist didn't want to do an x-ray and said I'd be fine. I know that was long winded but my question is is it normal to fill a tooth with two different kinds of filling material because that's what she did to protect the root. I'm always in pain for weeks if not months after seeing her and my jaw clicks and pop's and feels of centre which is the need for the guard.
I felt my crown move when I flossed but it didn't happen when she flossed again it's blamed on clenching and grinding
Yes, it's normal to use a variety of materials during a filing.
Don't see what that's got to do with the rest of your issues though? If you're having issues not being able to keep your guard in at night, can you wear it during the day for some of the time at least?
I was advised not to wear it during the day
I thought mouth guards are supposed to help. I'm waking up in agony and it's stressing me out. Am I wearing it wrong?
Hi Lone Wanderer :welcome:

It doesn't sound as if you're too happy with your current dental office, if you cannot get your own dentist to help you and you feel forced to come here instead for advice. The experience with the dental assistant also sounded very traumatic. Have you thought about switching to somewhere else, and getting a second opinion?
I thought mouth guards are supposed to help. I'm waking up in agony and it's stressing me out. Am I wearing it wrong?
Have you had it adjusted? When I first got my night guard it was causing teeth to hurt in the morning. I went back in and the dentist used carbon paper and tested where it was hitting. He adjusted it. A week later I was taking it out at night while I was sleeping. I would wake up with pain in one tooth. He adjusted it again. It took several weeks before it was comfortable to sleep in.
I told her it didn't fit right she shoved it it and it stuck in place without moving. She said I didn't have it in right. Now I'm back tobeing able to pop it in one side with my tongue. I do like the doctor because she does listen to me but man she is rough and I told her that too. She apologized and told me she had to use a little more force as I have a smaller tighter mouth my teeth are super tight and very close together I have to use child's dental tool's