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Tooth broken and nerve exposed day before my holiday!



Junior member
Aug 16, 2014
Hello All,

So my tooth broke today and It has exposed my nerve. annoying pain that makes my left cheek throb! will flying make this pain worse? I paid a lot money for this holiday and I am worried it is going to be ruined! and I am dreading the flight! I have seen a dentist today who said I would need a surgical extraction when I get back as it is too close to flying! do surgical extraction hurt? or take forever to heal? MEH. totally not how I was expecting to feel the night before my holiday. any help or advice would be much appreciate.


i had a "surgical extraction" which was really more of a root tip removal on a very broken tooth, I only had local anesthetic and it was really fine by the next day or so, not painful unless I brushed the site by accident.

I didn't even need the prescription pain meds .Just advil.

good luck!
i doubt whether the flight will cause you any pain. However, this broken tooth and throbbing pain might ruin your vacation. I suggest you go to a dentist wherever you are, ask for some remedy.
You don't have to rush into an extraction. Maybe a temporary treatment is also possible.
It might also be a non-surgical extraction. In either way (surgical or non-surgical), it takes a few days for the tissue to heal, so during an extraction you should not feel any pain what so ever, but afterwords it might be soaring (in misfortunate cases also painful). There are ways to ensure an easy healing period.taking antibiotics beforehand is one of them.