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Tooth broken at gum line during extraction



Junior member
Jan 22, 2022
I had to have a double extraction & a filling done on 20/01/2022,
1 tooth came out fine, the filling was done OK, but the 2nd tooth was already broken & the extraction hasn't gone to plan, I now have a tooth broken off at the gum line, my dentist was trying to extract this tooth for more than 40 minutes, I am now in excruciating pain nothing is touching it pain relief wise & I'm on antibiotics because of this,
I am also having to be referred for emergency dental surgery. What should I expect???
I do suffer servrely with dental anxiety & dental phobia I take Trazadone 100mg & Propranolol 120mg before seeing my dentist & when I arrive I'm always given 2 drinks before the dentist can come anywhere near me, I still end up a Shivering wreck whilst I'm in the chair is there anything anyone can suggest to help with the pain I'm in & also what I'm due to be facing to have this broken tooth finally removed??
Has your dentist prescribed any pain medication?
@Hazel527 sorry to hear about your tricky extraction. What pain medication are you taking and when? Also what tooth is it... Where in the mouth?

I'm glad you've got medications to take to help reduce your anxiety a little. Do you do any breathing exercises? I find even the most simple ones help my patients hugely to keep calm and could suggest a couple if you don't already have a favourite.

I can talk you through the likely surgery when you let me know the tooth just so we can be a bit more specific and help to prepare you.

@geos thanks for replying
No my dentist hasn't prescribed any pain relief just said to take ibroprofen which I've bought 400mg doesn't touch the pain.
But do I have Co odamol 30/500mg which I have stated taking which is still not touching the pain.
@Jodie Nelson thanks for replying
The pain relief I've been advised to take is ibroprofen 400mg every 8 hours which is not touching the pain, I have Co odamol 30/500mg which I've started to take instead of the ibroprofen which still isn't touching the pain,

The tooth which has broken is the lower left 1st moler next to the eye tooth,
The lower left 2nd moler had the filling which is OK,
The lower left 3rd moler got fully extracted which has now got a yellowish/ white plug in the socket which I pursume is an infection.

I was prescribed amoxacilin 500mg 3 times a day which I'm taking.
@Hazel527 thank you for all of that info...I can give you a better response with that.

Antibiotics wise that's great you're still on them and make sure to finish the full course. It may not be until day 5 that you start to see all the benefits and on occasion patients sometimes may need a second course but see how it goes.

Pain meds wise. The codeine part of co-codamol is unlikely to help. The best way to proceed would be paracetamol 4 times a day (in line with pack doses) alongside ibuprofen 3 doses. I would usually recommend ibuprofen with your 3 main meals (as long as spread far enough apart in line with pack recommendations) then paracetamol mid morning, mid afternoon and evening leaving one dose for middle of the night should you need it. Sometimes it can take a good few doses to feel the benefits so stick to this for 2-3 days if you feel you still need it.

The colour of a healing socket can be quite white and look like the head of a cauliflower so this does not necessarily mean an infection, however if the pain is getting worse and you've maybe got any funny taste or smell then it could be an infection. Don't just rely on the antibiotics... Your dentist could carefully wash and dress the socket if it is infected so get in touch with them if you're concerned. If you aren't already using hot salty mouth wash then please start doing so. The warmth is soothing and salt great at killing bacteria. A teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water. Take a mouthful and let it gently wash over the area after each meal and before bed. I know it doesn't taste the best but it works amazingly.

For your surgical removal of the tooth next to the eye tooth they will make sure you are numb and comfortable. They will likely make a small cut in your gum in order to make room and see the remaining root. They may remove a little bone in order to help remove the root. This is very normal and please keep in mind that when teeth are removed non-surgically bits of bone can be chipped away. It is just pro-active bone removal in a surgical instead. They will use the same/similar instruments that your dentist did, there will just be more room for them to see the root and wiggle it out. Healing wise you will probably notice very little different to your other extraction... Just that you may have a stitch or two in place afterwards to help the gum heal.

Saying all of that, I often find when a patient is expecting a surgical it can sometimes happen that a routine extraction is possible. A different day, a fresh pair of eyes and hands and the root already having been loosened a bit and you may find this is the case.

Either way, hopefully you feel a little more prepared for a surgical extraction should it be needed.

Let us know how it goes